Monday, December 15, 2008

Summer for the Holidays: A bronzed look using FaceFront Cosmetics

So it seems like everyone is doing the red and green holiday looks right now, so I'm going to go out on a limb and try something different... Summer for the Holidays!!

I've been trying out different versions of this look the past few days and been getting lots of complements. I don't have any pictures now, but I'm going to let you guys know what products I used and hopefully post some pictures later this week!

Beginning with the Basics:

So first, I put on my MAC water-based liquid foundation

Now For the Eyes...

First apply a light cream shadow (I do this instead of using a primer.. I think it works just as well!) I always use something light and put it on my lid as a primer as well as my brow bone as a highlight. For my look I use Maybelline's Limited Edition Dream Mousse Shimmer in Ethereal Ivory

I then put a darker brown cream shadow on the outer part of the lid. I use Maybelline's Dream Mousse for this as well, in Bronze Beam

After that I use another of my Top 10 favorite products: my bonebell bronzer! This one is a lot lighter than the dream mousse and is great to make the inner corner of the eyes pop. If you're as tired as I am most mornings, this is a great way to help you look awake as well as beautiful!

To emphasize the outter corner use a darker brown over the cream shadow. I use the brown from the Almay intense i-color powder shadow for blue eyes (this bronze look is KILLER for blue eyes!)--> this is good as a crease color

To make the eyes pop I use a blend of three different FaceFront paint me perfect pigments: Butter Me Up (another top 10!), Shock Tart, and Julie's Revenge. I put on Julies Revenge first, in the middle of the eyelid, and then Shock Tart on the outter part of the lid, blending with Julies Revenge and the Brown Almay, as well as the outter lower lash line. Then I put put Butter Me Up in the middle-inner corner, blending with the other colors (may need to apply bonnie bell!)

Julie's Revenge Shock Tart Butter Me Up

Back to The Face:

This is most incredible bronzer EVER! Butttttttt be really careful not to use too much! I know I'm being kind of a FaceFront freak, but I am just falling in love with them!
So to really create this Bronzy look, use Half Baked from FaceFront to contour your cheek bones and just give yourself a super summer glow. If you are very pale skined you may want to experiment before actually wearing this look out, because this bronzer is intense! I love, love, LOVE it!

Then, to finish off the face use a lighter/shimmery blush on the apples of your cheeks. I, of course, use a FaceFront blush-Sunsear, which justs gives the skin a healthy, honey glow.


There are lots of options for lips with this look, but I would recommend a shimery light pink. One of my favorite glosses is Maybelline's Shiny-licious. This just finishes off the shimmer/glow your face is giving off without too much extra color.

And that's it!
Sorry I don't have pictures of the actual look, but they're on their way! Let me know if you guys have any bronzy tips.


Chavonney said...

Does the Clinique foundation powder give you more of a satin flawless finish ??? Just wondering since I am tryingg to switch my foundations and finishing powderss.

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It's interesting and very glamourous!

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