Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Makeup Products

Top 10 Products!
So I thought it would be fitting to have my first makeup blog be about my favorite/must have makeup items!! Here it goes...
1. The first product I can't live without is my Clinique Superpowder (02 matte beige!) I don't like to use liquid foundation and sometimes just a powder by itself can make your face kind of white and ghostly... but the good thing about this powerder is that it's double face makeup! So it's kind of an inbetween of the liquid foundation and a powder on its own... so basically it's perfect!
So again, this is Clinique Superpowder and it's $19

2. Pixi Eye Bright Kit
I bought this after I tried using one that my friend had and fell in love with it! If you don't have a lot of time to do your makeup in the morning this is a great little product to have.. it takes a minute to put on and really does brighten up the eye.

Mine is already used up a lot so please excuse that part of the picture!!!

The yellow (almost gone!) is for the corners of the eye, the brown (which is really shimmery) is for under the eye brown, and the other two are concealers for above and below the eye.

You can buy it from Target for $24 (pricey, but worth it!)

3. FaceFront Helium High Dfinition Setting Powder
I am actually new to miner makeup, but I have fallen in love with FaceFront Cosmetics!! I think some of my future blogs will feature some more of their stuff because I'm so in love!
Helium is clearly one of my favorite of their products. Basically it's just a sheer powder you put on before you put on your concealer or whatever, and it helps to illuminate the face and reduce oil and shinyness.

Helium is $19 from FaceFront Cosmetics

4. As far as blushes go, I usually stick with the safe light pink pallet that I have from CoverGirl, BUT on occasion I like to be a little more bold and go with 031 Berry blush from Rimmel London.

5. This is one of the cheapest things I've bought, but one I use daily! It's a bronzey blush type cream that you can use any where on your face, but I tend to use it just on my eyes, or sometimes to highlight my cheek bones.

This is Bonne Bell Sunblush Bronze in Golden Fresh
I got mine at Big Lots for a dollar or two!

6. A must have for the smokey eye is L'oreal's Wear Infinite Smokey Eyes. There are four different pressed shadows, so you can use it for a cool day look or a sultry club night!

I love it! This is another one I might do a look with on a later blog...

7. Another FaceFront item!! From the Paint Me Perfect line, Butter Me UP has got to be one of my absolute favorites! (obviously, since it's on the top 10 list!!) One thing I've found that I really like about mineral pigments is that you can make them as subtle or as dramatic as you want, and that's especially so with FaceFront eye pigments, which are sooo bold! At least the ones I have... I like to pair Butter Me Up with the SunBlush I mentioned before. Together they give a really cool bronzy look.
FaceFront Paint Me Perfect eye shadows are $10

8. Ok, this is veeery exciting! I think I've found the BEST mascara EVER!!! I was using Cover Girl Lash Blast before, which I know a lot of Youtube gurus love (Sarah Victor!!!) but... I thought I'd try something new so I bought Loreal's Telescopic in Carbon Black and it is incredible!!! I'll have to post a few pictures of a before and after or something, but it seriously makes you look like you have on fake lashes (in a good way!)

I LOVE it!

Telescopic is probably along the lines of $7-10. I think I got mine from Target

9. I don't normally wear lipsticks, but one I really like is a bright pink from called Rose Apricot. The good and bad part about it is that it is very dramatic... so it can be really good for a night out, but if you try to play it down for a day look by putting less on and some lip gloss over it, it still makes quite a statement! You can't see the color that well in my picture but it is the definition of Pink.

And Last..
10. My Sephora Lip Gloss!
This is a great one to keep in your purse. I went with the clear gloss because you can wear it over anything, but they have a TON of different colors. It's kind of sticky, but makes your lips look SUPER glossy and pretty!


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